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It was in August 1858 when the ports Chief Coastguard Officer Capt Edward Wasey.R.N. wrote to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution Head Quarters in London, Stating the need for Lifeboat in the Port of Fleetwood. On the agenda of the next meeting of the R.N.L.I. Committee of Management at the London Head Quarters on Thursday 4th November 1858  was Capt Wasey’s Request for a Lifeboat to be sent to The Port of Fleetwood and after some consideration the Committee of Management agreed to the request. After the meeting a letter was sent addressed to Capt Wasey with the good news that a lifeboat would be sent to the port at the earliest convenience and requesting Capt Wasey commanding to act as the Stations Honorary Secretary and to appoint a lifeboat coxswain. The Chief Coastguard Boatman John Fox appointed as lifeboat coxswain. Fleetwood Lifeboat station was established in 1859, with the 1st Fleetwood Lifeboat arriving 8th February 1859.


Now in 2020 Fleetwood Lifboat station operates 2 Lifeboats, a ILB D class D719 Mary Elizabeth Barnes and a ALB Shannon class R.N.L.B. Kenneth James Pierpoint.


Fleetwood Lifeboat station has been awarded 13 medals for gallantry, The Ralph Glister Award for the most meritorious service carried out in 1984 by the crew of a lifeboat under 10 metres and a number of other awards and letters of appreciation.

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The History Of Fleetwood R.N.L.I.

1859 to 2020

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Fleetwood RNLI has long & proud history starting from when the station was first founded in 1859. In this section you can find lots of information relating to the proud history of Fleetwood RNLI.


A few years ago, retired crew member John Duckworth & crew member Rob Baines started a project to research the history of Fleetwood RNLI from 1895 to current times. The history section of the website is from

the findings of this ongoing project. Sadly John passed away in late 2019,

but Rob is still carrying on the history project of the station.


If you have any historic photos or any historic information relating to Fleetwood RNLI and would like to help with the project please contact Rob at the Fleetwood station.

Operation Rescue

A film made by Fleetwood Cine club around the early 1960's The film is about the Fleetwood Lifeboat R.N.L.B. Ann Letitia Russell and the Fleetwood Lifeboat crew.

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