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6th Jan 2021

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29th Nov 2020



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2021 Total Launches 2

2021 Total ILB Launches 2  

2021 Total ALB Launches  0

DATE               TIME    BOAT   TASK


01/01/2021       11:06    ILB       Person in the water at Knott End

06/01/2021       13:23    ILB       Persons cutoff by incoming tide.


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Please note in most cases due to R.N.L.I. operational procedures and guidelines this page is updated 24 hours after the latest launch. Updates on the Information about the latest callouts can sometimes be upto 48 hours after the callout due to the nature of the callout.

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CALL-OUT 1st JAN 2021 11:06

The 1st call-out of 2021 and the first call-out for newly qualified helm, Lizzie ! The call-out was to reports of a person in the water at Knott-End. The person in the water was found and returned ashore safe and sound. This was the 5th call-out for the volunteers of the RNLI in 2021 and only 12 hours in !!

Elizabeth-Dykes Fleetwood Lifeboat callout 1st Jan 2021 1106

Fleetwood volunteer crew member & newly qualified helm, Lizzie.

Fleetwood ILB launching to reports of a person in the water 1st Jan 2021.