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Launches 2020

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28th Oct 2020

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21st Nov 2020



All Launches 2020

2020 Total Launches 54

2020 Total ILB Launches 34  

2020 Total ALB Launches  20

DATE               TIME    BOAT   TASK


05/01/2020       09:26    ILB       Vehicle in the mud at Knott End  

22/01/2020       13:11    ALB

23/01/2020       20:38    ALB

23/01/2020       20:38    ILB

02/02/2020       14:02    ILB

13/02/2020       17:40    ILB       Report of surfer in difficulties.

13/02/2020       17:42    ALB      Report of surfer in difficulties.

10/03/2020       20:23    ILB       Person in distress.

25/04/2020       17:17    ILB       Broken down boat.

25/04/2020       17:17    ALB     Broken down boat.

22/05/2020       05:25    ALB     Yatch in distress.

22/05/2020       14:10    ILB      Boat aground in dock channel.

23/05/2020       10:28    ALB     Boat aground in dock channel.

23/05/2020       10:28    ILB      Boat aground in dock channel.

23/05/2020       11:40    ALB     Boat aground at Knott End.

23/05/2020       11:40    ILB      Boat aground at Knott End.

24/05/2020       09:38    ILB      Person in the water.

24/05/2020       09:47    ALB     Person in the water.

28/05/2020       16:14    ALB     Broken down speed boat.

28/05/2020       16:21    ILB      Broken down speed boat.

30/05/2020       14:58    ILB      Persons cut off by tide.

30/05/2020       15:02    ALB     Persons cut off by tide.

31/05/2020       07:49    ALB     Fishing boat in distress.

31/05/2020       07:49    ILB      Fishing boat in distress.

31/05/2020       16:32    ILB      Launch cancelled.

04/06/2020       12:36    ILB      Broken down jet ski.

04/06/2020       18:43    ILB      Launch cancelled.

24/06/2020       11:42    ILB      Launch cancelled.

24/06/2020        18:00   ILB      

25/06/2020       13:13    ILB

25/06/2020       13:23    ILB

25/06/2020       18:49    ILB       Launch cancelled.

26/07/2020       13:16    ILB      Jet Ski in difficulties.

29/07/2020       16:57    ILB      Report of persons cut off by tide.

29/07/2020       19:15    ALB    

29/07/2020       19:16    ALB

29/07/2020        21:38   ILB      Kayaker in difficulties.

29/07/2020        21:45   ALB     Kayaker in difficulties.

02/08/2020        14:51   ILB      Kayaker in difficulties.

15/08/2020        07:22   ALB     Medivac from support ship.

15/08/2020        18:29   ILB      Report of persons cut off by tide.

17/08/2020        06:10   ALB    Taken over tow from Lytham

                                                 Lifeboat broken down boat.

20/08/2020        01:48   ALB    

15/09/2020        12:40   ILB      Broken down Jet Ski.

16/09/2020        12:58   ILB     Drifting rib with engine difficulties.

16/09/2020        13:02   ALB    Drifting rib with engine difficulties.

16/09/2020        14:02   ALB    Rescued a dog drifting out to sea.

19/09/2020        14:11   ILB     Kite surfer in difficulties.

19/09/2020        16:09   ILB     Launch cancelled.

03/10/2020        11:34   ILB     Investigate Yacht aground in river.

03/10/2020        11:38   ALB    Investigate Yacht aground in river.

17/10/2020        09:39   ILB     Persons cut off by tide.

28/10/2020        20:35   ILB     Launch cancelled.

21/11/2020        13:34   ALB    Search for a missing person.

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Please note in most cases due to R.N.L.I. operational procedures and guidelines this page is updated 24 hours after the latest launch. Updates on the Information about the latest callouts can sometimes be upto 48 hours after the callout due to the nature of the callout.

Callout 17th October 2020

Our in-shore lifeboat, D-719, launched at 9:39am on Saturday 17th October to rescue a bait digger who had miscalculated one of the highest Spring tides of the year and needed rescuing urgently.


The inshore lifeboat Mary Elizabeth Barnes quickly made its way to the scene, several hundred yards from Marine Hall, Fleetwood, with only water between the casualty and the shore.

By the time the volunteer crew reached him, he was chest deep in water and struggling to stay upright.


Helmsman and station mechanic, Daryl Randles said: ‘the casualty was sensible and experienced enough to anchor himself to the sea bed and not risk falling into a deep gully. He was obviously cold and wet when we picked him up, but he soon warmed up with a hot shower back at the station. He was very lucky in the end, the outcome could have been so different. But it does show you that even the most experienced can get into trouble. I think he was relieved when we picked him up’.