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16th April 2021

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29th April 2021



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Please note in most cases due to R.N.L.I. operational procedures and guidelines this page is updated 24 hours after the latest launch. Updates on the Information about the latest callouts can sometimes be upto 48 hours after the callout due to the nature of the callout.

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CALL-OUT 1st April 2021 23:41

Our inshore lifeboat D-853 'Harbet' was out on service again, this time assisting the owners of a jet ski that had run aground earlier in the day. The high tide provided the opportunity for it to return to dry land, to assess the damage. With the tide running fast, it proved a more difficult job than at first imagined. But fortunately, all were safe in the end.

CALL-OUT 29th March 2021 14:49

On Monday 29th March 2021 With winds gusting at nearly 50 mph and with one of the highest tides of the year running at a strong six knots, a call out to a windsurfer near Glasson Dock was unexpected by the volunteers from Fleetwood RNLI.

At 14:49 both the inshore lifeboat D-853 Harbet and the all-weather Shannon class lifeboat 13-14 Kenneth James Pierpoint, were launched, as the wind surfer’s reported position was expected to change dramatically given the conditions on the day.


The casualty was discovered clinging onto his surf board, several miles from the reported position, very cold, exhausted and relieved to see the inshore lifeboat heading towards him.


The man, a visitor to the area from Darwen in Lancashire, had been in the water for nearly an hour and was picked up by the inshore lifeboat, along with his equipment, before being transferred to the Shannon Class RNLI lifeboat for a more comfortable, warmer transfer to Fleetwood.


He received casualty care aboard the lifeboat before taking a hot shower and was given dry clothes at the lifeboat station. He was later collected by his friend and didn’t require hospital treatment.


Tony Cowell, Coxswain for Fleetwood RNLI said:


‘This was a very successful outcome and a life saved. The casualty was exhausted by the time we got to him and nowhere near the reported original position. We found him as quickly as we did, thanks to our colleagues at Holyhead Coastguard and our training to track the tidal flows and currents. He was a lucky man.’

LATEST CALL-OUT 16th April 2021 12:07

Our inshore lifeboat D-853 'Harbet' was launched at 12:07 to rescue a lady and her two dogs from a sand bank after being cut off by the tide. All were returned ashore safe and well.

LATEST CALL-OUT 29th April 2021 21:05