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5th Lifeboat House 1901 -1976

1st Lifeboat House 1859 - 1863

4th Lifeboat House 1892 -1901

6th Lifeboat House 1976 - 2005

7th Lifeboat House 2015

Our Past Boat Houses

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Fleetwood RNLI has had 7 lifeboat stations over the years, with the 7th being the current station.

1st Lifeboat house

Fleetwood’s 1st Lifeboat House was built on the beach opposite the North Euston Hotel just East of the lower lighthouse in 1859 at cost of £174 18 shillings & 6 pence. The wooden Lifeboat house was built by local builders Kemp & Co. The lifeboat was launched on a carriage sometimes with the help of the Horses.


During a storm on 20th January 1863 the foundations of the Lifeboat House were undermined by heavy seas in a storm almost washing the Lifeboat House away, a new site was found by the Upper Lighthouse to build a new Lifeboat House.




2nd Lifeboat House

Fleetwood’s 2nd Lifeboat house was built on the corner of Lower Lune Street and Pharos Place in 1863. Designed by Mr J. A. Turner and built at a cost of £161 17 shillings & 10 pence. The Lifeboat was launched on a carriage with the help of the Horses from Wilsons Undertakers.




3rd Lifeboat House

Fleetwood’s 3rd Lifeboat House, was built by J.A.Drummond in 1879 at a cost of £450, funded from a gift by Colonel William Blackburne. The Lifeboat house and slipway was located next to the Fleetwood to Knott end Ferry slip where the current Lifeboat station is situated.


In 1892 a new site for the Lifeboat house was required due to the Fleetwood Railway Company requiring the land for the harbour extension in 1893.




4th & 5th Lifeboat House.

In 1892 a new Lifeboat house was built on the promenade opposite the North Euston Hotel, just to the West of the Lower Lighthouse.

The Lifeboat house was built by the Fleetwood Railway company at a cost of £1.630. The slipway was built at 324 ft long with a 14inch centre keel channel and 6ft 4inch wide bilge keel runner, with a gradient of 1 in 11.

In late 1893 the slipway was altered for the arrival of the new Fleetwood Lifeboat R.N.L.B. Maude Pickup. The slipway was widened to a 6ft 8inch wide bilge keel runner and a new gradient of

1 in 10.3.


During 1900 the Lifeboat was kept on a mooring behind the railway station due to the Slipway constantly silting up. Then in 1901 the Lifeboat house was dismantled and rebuilt in a new location 80yards to the east of the Lower Lighthouse at a cost of £480. The Slipway was also altered to a new gradient of 1 in 6 and the recovery winch was replaced with a more modern electric winch.


In 1930 R.N.L.B Maude Pickup was withdrawn from service and the station was closed, during the period of station being closed the Slipway was altered again for the arrival of the Motor Lifeboat R.N.L.B Sir Fitzroy Clayton. This time the slip was widened to a 6ft 9inch wide bilge keel runner. A Fuel bunker was also built outside the Lifeboat House.


In 1966 an additional small building added next to the Lifeboat house to for the new Inshore rescue boat and tractor.


Over the next few years, the Slipway began to silt up again.  After a constant battle to keep the slipway clear the RNLI decided in the early 1970s to replace the Lifeboat with a new Waveney class Lifeboat that would be kept afloat all the time.


The construction of the new Lifeboat mooring pen began in 1975, this was to be location next to the Fleetwood to Knott end Ferry slip, with a new wooden Lifeboat station.




6th Lifeboat House

In January 1976 the new Waveney class Lifeboat R.N.L.B lady of Lancashire arrived on station and the Slipway Lifeboat R.N.L.B Ann Letitia Russell was withdrawn from service. In 1977 the 5th Lifeboat house and slipway was demolished. The inshore Lifeboat house was to remain at its current location.


During a storm in November 1977 the Inshore Lifeboat house was destroyed by the storm, the Inshore Lifeboat was relocated to the main Lifeboat station and a new wood building was built to house the inshore Lifeboat, with a davit being installed to launch the Inshore Lifeboat.




7th Lifeboat House

Fleetwood’s 7th Lifeboat House was built on the site of the 6th Lifeboat house in 2005 and opened on 15th July 2006. Designed by local architect Mr Eric Foster Funded from a legacy from Mr. Harry Jackson in memory of his late wife Annie Jackson. The new building is now the home of Fleetwood RNLI and the Fleetwood H.M. Coastguard team.

The new Lifeboat Station was opened on 15th July 2006, Annie Jackson’s nephew, Mr David Thompson handed the building over to the R.N.L.I. and it was officially opened by Chris Thomas of The MCA and Fleetwood RNLI Chairman, Frank Hardman. Fleetwood lifeboat crew member and Chaplain, Rev. Stephen Cooper and the ports Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fisherman Superintendent, Sue Byrne conducted a Service of Dedication.

1st Fleetwood Lifeboat Station

2nd Lifeboat House 1863 - 1879


3rd Lifeboat House 1879 - 1892

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