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Lifeboats of Fleetwood

Lifeboat Station


Un-named Lifeboat                                            30ft Peak 6 Oar Pulling Self-righter                                  1859-1862       9Launches      32 Saved


Edward Wasey                                                   32ft 10 Oar Pulling Self-righter                                         1862-1879    11 Launches    28 Saved


Child of Hale                                                      34ft Pulling Self-righter                                                      1880-1879      15 Launches    24 Saved


ON76 Edith                                                        46ft Pulling Self-righter                                                       1887-1894       3 Launches     19 Saved


ON75 Child of Hale 2                                        37ft Pulling Self-righter                                                       1887-1892       5 Launches    13 Saved


ON359 Maude Pickup                                      43ft Watson Pulling & Sailing Non- Self-righter                  1894-1930      26 Launches    117Saved  


ON628 Sir Fitzroy Clayton                               38ft Single Screw Self-righting Motor Lifeboat                    1933-1935       4 Launches     4Saved


ON657 Frederick H Pilley                                38ft Single Screw Self-righting Motor Lifeboat                    1935-1939      12 Launches     19Saved


ON813 Ann Letitia Russell                              41ft Watson Non Self-righting Twin Motor Lifeboat             1939-1976     205 Launches    158Saved


ON1036 Lady of Lancashire 44-015              44ft Waveney Self-righting                                                   1976-1989     170 Launches   95Saved


ON1156 William Street 47-038                         47ft Tyne Self-righting                                                         1989-2016     369 Launches    34Saved


ON1321 Kenneth James Pierpoint 13-14     Shannon Class                                                                     2016-To date


Maud Pickup on slip long

Fleetwood RNLI has had 12 lifeboats stationed at Fleetwood

& 6 In-shore lifeboats, aswell as a number of relief lifeboats.

Child of Hale & Crew A Child of Hale 2 ON75 Edith at New Brighton Resize Maud Pickup on slip (2) Sir Fitzroy Clayton R.N.L.B Ann Letitia Russell on sea trials December Frederick H.Pilley Sep 2 IMG_5341 Crop lifeboat christmas party 08 021 pro 2

12th Fleetwood Lifeboat


13m Shannon


Edward Weasy 1001 resize Edward Weasy Plan & Veiw Plan Resize

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